PF cannot compromise the Catholic church, maybe a few members – Fr Lungu

The Zambia Episcopal Conference (ZEC) says the Catholic Church has not been compromised in providing guidance, checks and balances to Government even if current President Sata professes to be a staunch Catholic.

ZEC secretary general Father Cleophas Lungu said if some church members have been compromised, this does not represent the views of the religious organisation.

Fr. Lungu said on Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation’s Sunday Interview that if some members can no longer provide checks and balances to the PF Government, this does not mean that the entire Catholic Church has been affected.

“Perhaps there could be some people who are compromised but I don’t believe that the church has been compromised in any way”I would like to refer to Caritas Zambia, which was very vocal and participated in the elections.

“The same people in Caritas Zambia are the ones now issuing the state of the nation report.