PF can learn from Cuba’s successes – Kabimba

WYNTER Kabimba says the PF will not tolerate foreign interference in the country’s constitution-making process.

And Kabimba says Cuba has some enviable successes from which the Patriotic Front government can learn.

Kabimba, the Patriotic Front secretary general and justice minister, said the government was doing everything within its means to guard against foreign interests pursuing their agenda.

He was speaking when he met Cuba’s Minister of Justice Maria Esther Reus in Havana on Tuesday.

He said the Zambian government would ensure that drafting of the Constitution was not hijacked by foreign interests but that the final document would reflect the aspirations of Zambians.

Kabimba said the new constitution will reflect the culture, norms and values of Zambians

“Zambians will claim legal independence by enacting laws for themselves that protect their collective interests.