PF cadre Chief Justice Chibesakunda given 10 days ultimatum to leave office

The MMD central province executive committee has resolved that they will stage protests to remove compromised Acting chief justice Lombe Chibesakunda for alllowing the PF to rape democracy in the country.
MMD provincial chairman George Kangwa has told the watchdog that the MMd was tired of the costly bye elections arising from unnecessary defections and nullification of genuinely won seats.
“We cant go on with this attitude of raping democracy and our party by the PF in connivance with the Acting chief justice, that woman is a wrong placement at the judiciary and we call upon President Sata to remove her because it is him who took her there. We hhave had cases where we win elections, the election upheld at the Highcourt but the supreme court is being used as a nullification ground, this is bringing the highest court of appeal in the land to ridicule,” said Kunda.