Talking Politics: PF and Sata’s open tribalism

Lwanzi Milimo

Lwanzi Milimo

By Lwanzi Milimo

These are times when diaries must be kept and every second reflected upon. For in these times,  history is being made albeit political, social and economical.

I never thought that at one time such a corrupt, tribal and nepotistic person will rule our country Zambia looking at the pace country was moving towards democracy because Democracy is an agent of unity in the country.

Only God knows what mess we are surely in or what manner of a curse this is. Surely a leader who swore to rule with Ten commandments would not turn into a tribal dictator. This is betraying the trust, this is destroy all the hopes the citizens had in their leaders (politicians) citizens will think every politician is liar even those that have not yet been given an opportunity to prove themselves.

I have  always said that PF as a Party is a Bemba and Sata thing, and not a party for all zambians. I did mention in my previous article that the ongoing succession squables in PF are tribal there is no doubt about it.

Now see how President Sata proves me and others right, two days after buring a man he described as a humble and hard working minister Kennedy Sakeni (MHSRIP) rushed to appoint two of his relatives to his bloated family tree of a cabinet.

This move leaves a lot of questions in the people’s mind, whether Sata and his minions accept or not. The whole essence of an executive is to be able to competently and honestly confront the huge challenges of the day (and at the centre of these many challenges is poverty reducation, education and development ), resolve them and take the country to another level.

The question now remains “is it true only Sata’s relatives are the ones God gave qualified knowledge and wisdom to end poverty and bring development in our country? 72 tribes that all along co-existed in peace only to be disoriented and divided by one Michael Sata.

A thing even so shameful to mention. Quoting the words of Mr Nason Msoni,”Its very true that  President sata lacks any trace of sensitivity and accurate political judgment.

Given this behavior we think this man has become a total liability to the long term sustainable peace and co-existence of our people. The is no hope of unity in in our country because our leaders are serious instruments of hatred and nothing good can come out of such individuals.

President Sata is such a shameless tribalist, and it really looks like he operates without advisors, people are reading the times, they are seeing his nepotism and the truth of the matter is that you will hardly find any Zambian across party lines who will contradict the contention that President Sata and his group of men and women will not take us anyway save alone division.

It’s should also be understood that  it will take a long time and effort to restore unity and love in the country. One silly step of putting a divisive person in power will cost us a long time consquences of paying for our negative way of voting.

This is why I think the Lozis are becoming more and more determined to secceed from Zambia. Because there is no hope of any kind that this man can turn on to the people he hates most.

My appeal to the Zambian people is that one Person can fail to disorient a united people. If we stand united against this tribalist and dictator we shall save our country, we shall once again revive our hopes knowing that our children and the future general will not be born tribalist but first as a human being and secondly as a Zambian.

Its times Sata was told the truth about his open and divisive tribalism.

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