PF Abortive 90 Days Theory

 By Chanodi Ngwira

Today I want to dwell a bit on the most said, heard and condemned PF’s 90 DAYS THEORY

First of all, we must understand and come to terms with reality that the 90 DAYS THEORY used by the PF and Micheal Sata in  the last 10 years of their being in opposition made them popular by the day, this theory helped Mr Sata and the PF to sail through easily in the minds of many Zambians who were desperate for a messiah who would deliver them from the shackles of poverty, poor health, poor education as well as poor foreign policies to mention but a few which our country Zambia has really been suffering from for a long time now.

Mr Sata become the most wanted and loved presumed messiah of this country Mother Zambia, this was so because of nothing else, but the 90 DAYS THEORY, the people of Zambia made sure that Mr Sata becomes President to deliver the 90 DAYS THEORY, and going by history, the current republican President is known for nothing else, but action hence being given another nickname as MAN OF ACTION apart from that of KING COBRA due to his swiftness on national issues, this in my opinion made Zambians convinced and believe that Mr Sata will definitely do it…. Alas, this is not the case hence the increasing condemnation of this PF government. … In my opinion, the PF regime took this 90 DAYS THEORY casually and never considered a few things before even launching the campaign… and the following are in  my opinion forgotten things…..

1. HANDOVER OF POWER… Trust you me, handing over of power is no joke, we are talking about a country and not some company where the handover is done between C.E.Os within weeks or so, the office of President is a bigger and highest office in the public service sector, State House too is such a bigger institution which needs level headedness in terms of handover of power, however, the PF government did not realise that as they were telling Zambians that they would with no difficulties deliver among a few, the republican constitution, employment and good health and education in 90 DAYS, they forgot that a handover of power involves a lot especially at Presidential level, especially when one has never been President before like Mr Sata was, it involves am sure brief talks on how to manage the public, it involves talks on DOs and DONTs, lectures on many secretive issues… This process may not take less than a month, so you see why it was not possible because a month and a few weeks are already taken from the 90 DAYS which is only three months.

2. PUTTING OF CABINET IN PLACE…. Much as we know that political parties usually have skeletal cabinets as they get into elections, we must however consider issues like losing elections by the Members of Parliament who may have been on the list of the skeletal cabinet and as law states, it is impossible to nominate a losing candidate to parliament, am bound to correction though, besides that, even nomination is too limited hence needing to use the MPs who have secured seats when it comes to forming cabinet, now, when you look at the issue of losing an election by the would be cabinet Ministers in their constituencies, the President and his team must seat and see to it that he replaces those that were going to be appointed had they won elections, this also is no joke, it takes time. So adding the process of putting cabinet in office and handover, which can happen together, time will seriously be going, probably, altogether, it can take at least two months to have power handed over as well as cabinet in place… Already, 60 DAYS gone.

2. CABINET SETTLING IN OFFICE…. Ghosh!!!!!, this is another area where a serious government must take seriously, there is a lot involved for cabinet to settle in office, let us be reminded that the President is part of cabinet. This process needs time and real commitment by the people taking part, apart from handover of power at Ministerial level, there is some restructuring in the civil service, appointment of BOARDS OF DIRECTORS in different departments, firing and hiring, revision of wages, going through account books and so on and so forth. People, this can never be done in a month’s time,. never, it cannot and it will not happen… So when you put all these processes together with time, we are talking of not less than atleast five months, which is far way beyond the 90 DAYS THEORY of the Patriotic Front and Mr Sata.

Having said what I had to say above, my opinion is that, it is not possible and feasible to deliver on any of the promises in 90 DAYS, it will never happen unless a country has to be run like a village or animal farm… What does this tell me in conclusion, The PF government and indeed Mr Sata were not realistic and true to this, in my opinion, it was mere talk which they knew, but they were just focused to get into government, this is rather bad and politicians must live above such rhetoric…