Paymasters, PF Cadres are wasting their time, I’m not resigning – Kabimba

Embattled Patriotic Front (PF) General Secretary Wynter Kabimba has vowed to hang on to the position saying the paymasters for the protests against him are just wasting their time and money.

Reacting to protests spreading to Ndola on the Copperbelt province and Kasama in the North demanding his resignation, Kabimba revealed that he had information that some people paid for those demonstrations.

“I am not going to resign on account of people being paid. Let them take the money from those who are paying them but I will not resign,” Kabimba said.

“Those petitioning and their paymasters are wasting their time,” he charged.

Kabimba has charged that a clique of tribalists in PF have ganged up to hound him out of the party citing Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili being one of them.

But Kambwili who is also the PF National Youth Chairman has described Kabimba’s tribal remarks as nonsense. He has urged Kabimba to repent saying his arrogance and attitude towards issues could just ruin his political career.

“What will hound him out of the party is his personal attitude towards issues and his arrogance,” Kambwili said. ”If he can work on his relationship with the cadres, the better for him.”

Kambwili explained that the cadres have been complaining that when they go to his office they are chased.