Patriotic Front´s (PF) Intra-Party Wrangles

By Lee Elias Tembo
In the words of one great American citizen and former president, Abraham Lincoln: “A house divided against itself cannot stand”. On that basis, I would like critically digest and offer my perspective on the current political atmosphere and bickering that has characterised the Patriotic Front (PF) party.
Sata, GBM, WynterIn the recent past, the Patriotic Front´s political direction has been the focus of public attention. Plainly speaking, the recently overt endorsement of President Micheal Sata as a sole candidate for the 2016 general elections by Zambia´s Defence Minister, Mr. Geoffrey Mwamba and his cohorts has opened up a pandora´s box of intra-party political contentions and war of words in both the electronic and print media.
Astonishingly, his excellency the president of the Republic of Zambia who is the subject matter and at the helm, has been quite to offer the much needed political direction for his party and offer solution for the problem at hand.
This is not only a rare test for Sata to prove his leadership credentials and redeem his glory days of the so-called ”King Cobra” but also an opportunity to put his party in order so as to save it from an imminent political “tsunami” and subsequent oblivion from Zambia´s political landscape.
However, getting down to the nitty-gritty, the Patriotic Front´s intra-party dissonance is twofold. In a fair and objective perspective, both those supporting and against the endorsement of Sata´s 2016 sole candidacy have got their own interest at play in the foregoing political contention.
It is overtly clear that his excellency could be a captive of both “camps” hence failing to rebuke and také necessary measures so as to keep his party together and provide a basis for a united Zambia.
It is in the public domain that both the Defence Minister and the Post Newspaper as an institution have been tangible assets with regards to helping Sata ascend to power vis – a – vis financially and media coverage support.
Therefore, it is clear that both parties have got their own personal interest at play and would do any thing possible within their disposal to keep themselves in the corridors of power, firstly on the expense of their party and principally the majority poor.
Essentially, it is not abhorrent per se for people to overtly endorse or oppose the sole candidacy of a particular candidate. However, what is folly about the matter at hand is the timing and war of words that has ensued between the two warring camps.
The allegations that the two camps have levelled against each other are so abysmal. Hence, we are inclined to assume that the whole dissonance withing the party´s leadership circle merely shows the high levels of dishonesty, battle for power and money, and above all the urge to satisfy their personal needs.

The people are not folly but watching attentively as the whole drama unfolds itself. Sooner than latter, the whole truth about the ploy will come to light and we shall have the last laugh!