Passengers survive being sacrificed as Mazhandu burns to ashes

About 60 people aboard a 59 seater Mazhandu Family Bus Service escaped death this morning when their bus in caught fire between Zimba and Kalomo.

The incident occurred after leaving Zimba when an alert driver noticed some strange smoke coming out and immediately stopped the vehicle and asked all passengers to disembark as him and the crew struggled with the help of some passengers to retrieve the cargo from the bus.

Efforts to put out the fire mostly caused by suspected electrical faults failed as the fire now engulfed the bus bringing it to the ashes as helpless passengers and onlookers watch in disbelief.

According to a source who was on the fateful bus, there was no firw brigade that came to the rescue as the driver, his support crew and passengers were on their own to struggle with the fire that consumed their bus.

He said the Police only came approximately 30 minutes.