Part 2. Taking a broader look at Zambian Fashion Designers

Hello am back , as promised in our last article of  part 1 where I talked about my clothing line called AfriCouture.

In part 2,  I will be  introducing our  local Zambian fabulous designers.

I must say , I was very honored to catch up with Copperbelt based designer Mutinta Nkombo Himoonga, this is one lady who believes in art and couture and is hungry for the growth of her clothing line which she calls,“Style Tints Way”,  I sat down with her and asked her a few basic questions about where she is in fashion at the moment and where she is headed to. I now present Style Tints Ways…


Mutinta Nkombo Himoonga (Fashion Designer)
Question 1. How did you get into Fashion Design?
Answer.  Actually,  I was encouraged by my sister who thought I should take it seriously, as she saw the talent in me. I  learnt how to sew from my mother who loved sewing alot, so I used to make simple clothes for myself and my friends at home. Back at a very young age.
Question 2.  What inspired you to get into Fashion Designing?
Answer. I was inspired by people  that saw my designs and appreciated the work I did and Trudy is one of them.   I used to make outfits for people and they would  be very  impressed and encouraged me to keep up with the great work. So that  really  inspired me and it gave me courage that I can  obviously make it in the fashion industry.

Question 3. What do u enjoy most about making clothes?
Ans. When am making an outfit and it is coming out exactly the way I want it to be, I enjoy that part! Because I know the person who gets to wear it will be proud. And that gives me self pride.

Question 4. Whose your most influential Fashion Designer,both locally and internationally?
Answer. Ummmm, huh! I don’t think I have a specific one other than myself, don’t get me wrong , there are many great designers out there. As much as I watch fashion TV, I really can’t pin point. 

Question 5. Does your work reflect your personal Fashion taste
Answer . Definitely yes… That’s the reason I call my collection ‘Style Tints way’ I simply want people  to style my way, you know!
 Style Tints Way Fashion Designs

Question 6. So Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
Answer . All around the Globe!  hahahaha, you know….Much BIGGER and BETTER! With God’s help, anything is possible.

Question 7. What is elegance according to you and what fabrics do you like to play around with
Answer. Elegance to me is…. simple smart and presentable, I use chitenge fabric  mostly and I think it will always be part of Tints designs, honestly, I don’t see myself working without chitenge fabric ever .  I sometimes use other fabrics in  like right now I’m loving the idea of mixing it with satin but  Chitenge is like the main fabric I’ll that  always use, i can’t imagine using another fabric in it’s place. hahahaha!

Question 8. Why do u think of women who are so obsessed with fashion?
Answer. You know When you look good, you feel good and it shows , you don’t do it for anybody but yourself,  so I guess that ‘s the most definite reason, I don’t see any other, it’s all about being happy and also the fashion industry is growing with all kinds of fancy stuff that makes it to be more understood why women are going crazy for any new trend they can put their hands on and which is why I am always doing my best in creating different fashions. 

Question 9. What piece of advice would you give a young designer who just graduated from college? 
Answer. Be authentic, have your own style and have confidence in your self, always remember that you can do all things in Christ… Put God first and all will fall in place.

Question 10. Finally what are your plans?
Answer. I think I’ll slow down a little,  for just a while.  Because this coming January I will be going to school hmmm! to study Journalism. I think I should become a fashion Journalist someday, hehehehe…there isn’t so many in Zambia, if at all  there is any way they better just move aside , because I will join the club…and am not stopping…


 Style Tints Way fashion Design

 That is it for today! I hope you have learnt one or two things, until next time I’m Martha Kabaso.

Edited by Val Shaw

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