Parliament resumes sitting on Tuesday

THE National Assembly resumes sitting this Tuesday after its adjournment on December 12 last year.

According to a statement by National Assembly media liaison officer Mathew Mukelabai, the House would be expected to consider six new bills in the sitting.

These include the Bank of Zambia (Amendment) Bill, the National Health Research Bill, and the Medicines and Allied Substances Bill.

Others are the Higher Education Bill, Teaching Profession Bill and the Millennium Challenge Compact Bill.

The House is also expected to have two new members of parliament that would be elected after the February 28 parliamentary by-elections in Mpongwe and Livingstone.

Parliament will also see its Itezhi-Tezhi member Greyford Monde shift from the opposition back bench and become the first UPND member of the House to take up a government position as Deputy Minister of Agriculture.