Parliament is full of Vulnerable MPs says NAREP

The Zambian National Restoration Party (NAREP) has charged that Parliament is full of vulnerable Members of Parliament who are willing to do anything to please their egos and interests.

NAREP National Chairperson Joseph Mushalika said during a press briefing in Lusaka that what was even worse was that the ruling Patriotic Front was busy appeasing the MPs who where giving up seats deliberately.

“It is very sad that the PF is appeasing these MPs for example Stephen Masumba and Gabriel Namulambe who gave up their seats deliberately,” he said.

Mushalika said his party was only participating in the By Elections By protest so that he could at least give the electorate an alternative.

Meanwhile NAREP President Elias Chipimo has been nominated by the Commonwealth Secretariat to participate in the observation of the 4th March 2013, Kenya general elections, joining the likes of former Botswana president Festus Mogae.

NAREP National Chairperson Joseph Mushalika disclosed the development to Journalists in Lusaka this morning.

Mushalika says the development is not a mean achievement for Chipimo’s individual capacity, NAREP as a party and Zambians at large adding that given the magnitude of the assignment, Chipimo has been considered worthy to be included on a list of observers.

He says NAREP is grateful to the Commonwealth secretariat for casting their net beyond former Presidents to include opposition leaders.