Panji condemns protesting PF cadres

WORKS and supply deputy minister Panji Kaunda has warned that his ministry will not tolerate cadres meddling in its affairs.

Col Panji (right) said this following a protest at Government Complex by PF youth led by information and publicity chairperson Stanely Chumya, against the complex managers, Hallmark Property Services.

According to the youth, who chanted PF slogans outside the complex to the amazement of the occupants early in the morning, the said property managers were incompetent and did not deserve to have their contract renewed.

The youth demanded that Hallmark Property Services’ contract be terminated.

But Col Panji condemned the youth, saying that they should follow proper procedures when making their grievances known.

“The so-called youth have got no right to protest against the running of a government institution. There are channels of communication for those that are aggrieved.