Our political crisis needs urgent answers —Dora

President Michael Sata must come out of State House and show exemplary leadership by resolving the current political crisis being experienced in the country, says MMD spokesperson Dora Siliya.

Ms. Siliya who is also former MMD Petauke Central Member of Parliament said that the PF and President Sata must know that the country’s freedoms and rights were being abused by his government.

“The PF must heed to an old adage that when the government is afraid of its own people that is democracy but when the people are afraid of the government, it is then dictatorship. I believe that in Zambia we have arrived at a dictatorship, just like in Adolf Hitler’s time, he went after the Jews everybody was quiet and the Romans thought it did not affect them, then he went after them everybody was quiet again including the protestants because they thought that it did not affect them,” she said.