Opposition ZDDM to seek audience with President Sata on Monday

We would like to announce our decision to make another attempt to seek audience with republican President Michael Sata with the hope to dialogue on issues of national interest. You will remember not long ago, we had written to the president informing him of our intention to hold a meeting between his government and us in the opposition.
Our petition was made long before the political troubles the president is experiencing with the opposition. Regrettably, the president with impunity decided to snub out petition for dialogue.
Despite him being the person who refused to meet us in the opposition, the president when it suits him, he made public pronouncement describing us as trouble thirst opposition leaders. The latest attack we suffered verbal attack was when we decided to stay away from the Labor Day Cerebration.
We decided to stay away from the cerebration because the president and his party does not want to meet us as indicated in the past when they refused to meet us for direct talks. We are never invited yet they expect us to be there.
However, in the interest of peace and unity, which we have enjoyed for many years, we have decided to put behind us the humiliation we in the opposition have suffered at the hand of President Sata and  his PF government.
We have also made a decision to seek another audience with the president for dialogue. To this regard, on Monday we shall take a letter of appointment to the president where we shall seek audience with him. Among other things we wish to discuss with the president are issues of national unity.
We realize that we are getting divided on political as a nation on a regional and tribal line. The once upon a time one Zambia one nation is slowly degenerating into regionalism. Even when it comes to campaigns during elections, we politicians are campaigning in the same lines. People coming from other regions are de-campaigned on tribal and regional lines, the thing which did not happen in the past. This situation is getting worse each passing day forcing us to wander where we are heading as a nation.
Additionally, we want to discuss concerns related escalating deaths being recorded each passing day. It appears to us, the number of people dying is slowly outnumber the number of newborn babies as revealed by Dr. Kaseba Chistine Sata when she presided over the campaign against child mortality not long time ago.
If the statistics given out by the first lady that Zambia has the highest mortality rate in the world with about 850 children dying everyday are true, then we are heading towards doom.
We will also discuss the issue of political arrests taking place since the PF took over government. We have observed with regret that, most of the charges leveled against political leaders facing prosecution are politically motivated. For example, some political leaders have been charged and arrested for visiting their members.
This action borders on violating the right to association and assembly. With time, the supporters of these people being persecuted might decide to complain and end result for this might be fatal.
The other thing, which we intend to discuss with the head of state, is the issue of making Zambia clean. We are ware in the run up to the 2011 tripartite elections the PF during campaigns made the promise to the people of Zambia that, the country will be made clean and better.
However, we are experiencing is something completely different. The country has become dirtier than it was before the PF formed government. One of the things that have contributed to this problem is the decision by the president to allow vendors to trade on the streets.
We are awake to the fact that the president might have a better intention when he allowed the vendors to trade on the streets. Little did he know that the vendors he allowed to do business on the streets would cause a serious security risk not only to the nation but also to his government?
We also want to raise concern at the rate that foreigners keep acquiring Zambian land as this may turn out to be a source of conflict in the near future considering that our population is growing in spite of the alarming death rate Zambia is experiencing.
In the spirit of dialogue, we want to discuss these things with the president in the company of other political party leaders on a dialogue table. We hope that at the end of our discussion we shall find a solution to these problems we have highlighted and many other issues, which shall be brought to the attention of the summit of party president when we meet. We only hope this time around the president will accept to this proposal.
Issued by Edwin Sakala
ZDDM President