Opposition MPs Move To Compel Government To Reintroduce Removed Subsidies Flops

Zambia's Parliament

Zambia’s Parliament

Opposition Members of Parliament (MPs) on Wednesday evening lost an opportunity to force government to re-introduce the subsidy after they were overpowered by the Executive.The opposition who had tabled the motion to compel government to re-instate the subsidies on maize and fuel lost through the final voting of 52 against 72 votes.

The motion which was tabled by MMD Solwezi Central MP, Lucky Mulusa was shot down after over 4 hours of debate mainly on partisan lines with the opposition supporting it while the executive opposing it.
The debates where mainly centred on the advantages and disadvantages of the removal rather than points, figures and facts on the subject matter.
The mover of the motion, Lucky Mulusa however explained that the removal of the subsidies had brought untold misery on the majority especially the poor people.
He pointed out that government can still raise money from other ventures like reducing on the size of cabinet and government, increasing taxes on mineral as well as cutting down on by elections among others to finance projects.
He contended that government was wasting huge sums of money on unnecessary things stating it was going to be of benefit if it cuts down on those costs rather than remove subsidies.
Former Finance Minister, Dr. Situmbeko Musokotwane who is Liuwa MP also said that government can do projects while maintaining subsidies pointing the case of MMD who were doing it at the same time.
But Jean Kapata and Energy Minister Christopher Yaluma among others from the Executive who opposed the motion said the removal of the subsidies was done in the best interests of the poor.