‘Opposition in N/Western claim youth fund is blood money’

NORTH Western Province minister Steven Masumba is disappointed that some opposition politicians in the province are reportedly telling youths that government’s Youth Development Fund is blood money meant to initiate them into Satanism.

He says as a result, some youths are shunning the KR1.1million fund for fear of being taken into Satanism.

Masumba said in notes delivered on his behalf by Mufumbwe District Commissioner Emma Mankishi and Ministry of Sports Youth coordinator for North Western Christopher Malisopo at meetings held in Lumwe, Kashima and Matushi areas on Friday that as a result, several youths especially from Kasempa had stayed away from applying for financial support.

He said some youths had been dissuaded by political opponents of the Patriotic Front that the resources from the YDF were maneuvers to get them into satanic practices.

Masumba stated that the fund was a way to alleviate poverty and create employment through clubs formed by women and the youths.