Opposition think Police are PF cadres says Home Affairs Minister Lungu

The opposition are seeing the police as members of the ruling Patriotic Front – PF, Minister In-Charge of Internal security Edgar Lungu has observed.

Lungu says the Police are law enforcement agents adding that it is unfortunate that the opposition are linking the police to PF. He explained that the deployment of the Police in Livingstone and Mpongwe is aimed at tighten security in the two constituencies that would holding by-elections and not intimidate voters as it is being portrayed by the opposition.

The opposition has been accusing the Police of being biased towards PF and that their stance on keeping the law was pausing danger to the country. They say the police should discharge their responsibility without siding with any party being it in government or opposition.

Zambia holds two by-elections on February 28, 2013 and there are threats that the event may be characterized with violence.