Opinion: Why Zambia Needs a Statesman, not a Thug for President

Rupiah keeping fit at a gym in Lusaka. Picture by Brebnar Changala

Wherever fourth Republican president Rupiah Banda is today, he looks back and obviously prides in the respect with which he held the Office of President of Zambia.

There is no doubt that what happened in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia where President Michael Sata was booed, and several other international instances, are not only leaving a bitter pill in the mouth of any objective and genuine Zambian but tearing our glorious image apart.

That image of a fledging democracy, a beacon of peace, a key liberator whose young democracy of less than three decades has given birth to four different presidents is slowly melting away.

After first Republican president Kenneth Kaunda came that flamboyant and eloquent ex-trade unionist Frederick J.T Chiluba then that astute and respected lawyer Levy Patrick Mwanawasa and on to the diplomat and think-tank Rupiah Banda.