Opinion: The Ukwa in Michael Sata

When the Post said, Sata was Ukwa in our politics, a man never to be taken seriously, we thought that was unfair. This was way back in 2006. And we thought the man (Sata) would take an introspective look on his conduct.

Unfortunately the man seems to live up to that name even as a Head of State. To say we are shocked is an under statement, with the response we got from Sata over the letter Hakainde Hichilema sent to state house regarding a constitutional issue. (letter posted earlier).

For the record, HH was democratically elected in a national convention in 2006. The circumstances were not the best but this is UPND, we weathered the storm. His election was endorsed by 8 out of 9 provinces then, so he is legitimate.

Secondly, it surely should not matter whether HH is legitimate in UPND or not, but he, as a citizen, has the right to demand answers from the Head of State.