Opinion: PF Setting Stage for Anarchy

It all starts like this, ignore one court order, ignore another, before long there will be extra judicial killings and this will be a normal occurrence in this country.

Elias Chipimo jr is right, Rupiah’s passport MUST be given back to him.

As far as we know, Rupiah has not been convicted of anything. He has not even been found with a case to answer yet. But typical of ‘little frightened men’ they are behaving like Rupiah is the head of some rebel terrorist group. To them Rupiah is Osama Bin Laden.

We have seen the PF government ignore court order after court order, that ladies and gentlemen is setting a stage for anarchy. Soon no one will have respect for the judiciary because the Government itself does not respect court orders.

We have been recipients of this Government’s lack of regard for the law. Our Kanyama Rally was cancelled because someone chose to go against a court order.