Opinion: PF Attacks against Fr Bwalya Only Make Him Stronger

Since his resignation from the Zesco board and consequent decision to form a political party, Catholic priest Father Frank Bwalya has fallen from hero to villain in the eyes of the ruling Patriotic Front.

Suddenly, Fr Bwalya is a subject of incessant attacks at the hands of President Michael Sata, the PF and its agents.

The PF propaganda wing — The Post Newspaper — has even stripped Fr Bwalya of his
pastoral title now only referring to him by his last name – Bwalya – as a way of discrediting him to his supporters, sympathisers and the Catholic Church where he enjoys exuberant support.

To further discredit Fr Bwalya, the PF are ridiculously lumping gay rights support on the priest — a topic detested and opposed by majority Zambians — in order to turn his supporters against because the topic in question is one many Zambians don’t support.

This is the same Fr Bwalya, whose red card campaign, prior to the 2011 elections embraced overwhelming support from the PF.