Opinion: M’membe’s Culture Lacks Principles

We do admit that it is becoming increasingly difficult for some of us, especially those of us in politics, to survive and resist manipulation, especially if yours is selfishness at the expense of national service.

This culture is permeating the entire society, that is why when we see opinions like the one Fred Mmembe has written in the Post today, we are not entirely surprised. Goal posts change in this country because some people, have no principles.

The same public order act that PF and Mmembe condemned less than 2 years ago, has all of a sudden become a good law. The same fuel and mealie increases that others were condemned for, have become okey under the PF and Mmembe.

Mmembe thinks we are in disarray, Fred thinks we are not patriotic and unattractive. We find that very shallow and lacking depth befitting a man who has been in media for 20 years.