Opinion: M’membe is Morally Bankrupt

Fred Mmembe, the PF chief propagandist,  has been going on and on about some alliance between the MMD and ourselves. We ask, what alliance?

To the best of our understanding this must be an alliance from Mmembe’s own imagination and conjured up out of his desperation to install his friend and stooge, Wynter Kabimba, as the next President of Zambia.

We have said it time and time again that we don’t have any alliance with the MMD whatsoever. Yes we have collaborated with the MMD on some issues but that does not mean we have a formal alliance with them.

When we went into a pact with UNIP and FDD, we announced publicly. When we entered into a pact with Mmembe’s own party the PF, again we announced this publicly and even signed a memorandum of understanding.

Mmembe’s own newspaper, The Post, carried a picture of the PF and UPND presidents shaking hands after the signing ceremony.