Opinion: Lessons from Professor Chirwa’s Crash

The good old Professor of crash worthiness Clive Chirwa must be cursing his luck. For a moment the headlines in the Patriotic Front propaganda machine belonged to him.

He could not be faulted and embodied the most reasonable of politicians who had seen reason at least according to the imagery crafted by PF Chief propagandist Fred M’membe.

After he had won the Post Newspapers’ admiration for having ‘patriotically’ told off the United Party for National Development (UPND) then in a pact with the Patriotic Front that they were a junior partner in the association and had to accept that fact, he became this angel of a source whose statements in the eyes and wisdom of M’membe were faultless.

The good Professor was accorded acres of space in the formerly independent publication for weeks on end. His 60/40 arithmetically worked power sharing allocation among pact members prior to the 2011 elections had been endorsed by Fred M’membe’s Post as the ultimate truth.