Opinion: ‘Father’ Kambwili Vs ‘President’ Fr Bwalya

When the discussion between Patriotic Front national youth chairman ‘Father’ Chishimba Kambwili and president Fr Frank Bwalya arising from a live Radio Phoenix streamed live from my vantage point, I could not tell who between the two gentlemen was running mad.

Of course, there is no record to suggest either ‘Father’ Kambwili or president Fr Bwalya were certified psychiatric cases. But one of the two sounded a sure case for admission at Chainama Hills Hospital. And that did not sound like Fr Bwalya — the once PF darling now labeled mad priest.

The few minutes Kambwili, who is also sports minister, spent talking on radio were enough to send shock waves into my spine. It was like a continuation from Vice-President Guy Scott’s disparaging remarks on South Africa and its President Jacob Zuma.

For that reason, I shudder imagining these are the men we have entrusted with national affairs.