Open Letter To President Sata On HH, Fr. Bwalya Figololo Redicule

State House,
Independence Avenue

Dear Mr President,

I am saddened to have to write you this letter but one has no option but to do so under the circumstances.
Yesterday at a rally in Chipata you went to ridicule two opposition leaders namely Hakainde Hichilema and Father Frank Bwalya as Bana bamu figololo, a whole Head Of State sinking so low. I have always been aware that you do have a crude streak but this is beyond reproach.

In an effort just to gain yourself political mileage in one swoop you insulted not only HH, Fr Bwalya but all the single mothers and their offspring some of which are your own children. Instead of praising the effort that these two men have made in life to come out from what you term in a derogatory manner and be high achievers in life by way of business or priesthood.

My humble appeal to you sir is understand the position you hold. I am hesitant to call you a father of the nation, for your actions hinder one from feeling that all people loving leadership that you are supposed to show. From your election you have sang praise on KK please seek his counsel on being a loving father figure even with those who do not agree with you.

Your antagonist stance breeds a vile hatred that tickles down to those that support yourself and the opposition leaders. We as a people may have differences but what we have is a common love for Zambia. Please Note what Unites Us As Zambians Is Far Greater Than Our Differences.

Lastly but not least I appeal to you Mr President Please Please extend an apology to the two Gentlemen mentioned above and let’s build a nation we can all be proud of.

Yours Sincerely
Temwani Tembo