Open letter to President Sata

Dear President Sata,

I wonder if you realise how much time Zambians spend trying to work out what exactly is up in your administration.

I mean, you have quite managed to confuse the nation’s collective mind hey.   Take this “no press conference” philosophy you seem to have adopted –what on earth is that about? Have you really decided “I will not speak to them unless I find someone to swear in??” Yaku mayo bashikulu bantu, emo mwapandila? Pantu aba bemba nabo kubwanga ba pena.

Seriously though, that telling off you gave your Ministers about not setting out your governments accomplishments, I think you need to take that advice to heart yourself. Heck, there are some things your government is doing very well- however thumb sucked your plans may seem.

Take the roads for example – that’s big! I must say though that I don’t understand why whoever decides these things would dig up the Ndola Kitwe dual carriage way when it was not so bad. I would have understood if it was being developed into a 6 lane road but no. A friend of mine thinks it’s all about a big cut into someone’s pocket but that’s not what I am on about today.

What I am trying to say is if you were to pull off even half the link Zambia 8000 or pave 2000 and that other one you have for Lusaka whose name I don’t know, you would have changed the face of Zambia forever. But hey do we ever hear about that – of course not!!

On what medium would we hear about real governance issues if every newspaper and bulletin is headlined by yet another foolish PF fight of thuggish proportions?

Now President Sata, please tell me, how have you allowed that? Why is it you can’t use your ex-cathedral voice (you are Catholic so you understand that) to announce that there shall be no more of this gangster politics that makes your government seem decidedly anarchical forget dangerous to the peace and stability Zambians so treasure.   You seem to have decided that you will allow the nation to conclude, for good reason, that you are the most not-in-control President we have ever had.

Again one wonders why? Why do you refuse to take up your Presidency and control of your own destiny? As things stand, I can tell you for nothing that if an election were held tomorrow, you would lose big time unless you rigged to Olympic proportions.

Now we all know that, ruling party or not, rigging will be that much harder for you given how, in the incorrigible ways of your administration, your men and women have managed to absolutely incense the electoral body. (I won’t lie, the observing nation is very happy to have an ECZ that finally shows some independence.)

The point though is that you and your PF would, barring a miracle, lose an election right now. So if you want 2016, you better start doing something different. The mind boggling thing is you, Mr Sata, would lose largely because of what people around you get up to.

Well of course there is that habit of yours of saying shocking things but, heck, you were elected doing just that. So the country’s frustration with you is very much about your willingness to run a government that seems to be doing everything to allow the country to fall apart at the seams. Simply, you, Sir, have left us at the mercy of so many people who think they are alternate or in-waiting presidents all of them who care nothing about the country.

And you – for weeks you sit quietly while every annoying headline is about that personal quest for power by a few men -why?? Why allow such a sense of instability in the country? When will services be delivered, good God?   As for the PF thugs who call themselves cadres being allowed to, at will, march through our streets attacking people as they carry out the bidding of whoever happens to be highest bidder that week – how do you explain that? Party politics playing out in our streets and you make non-committal noises that allow them to continue – come on President Sata!

Who will stand up for ordinary citizens that have to stomach the nonsense while living in fear of inadvertently getting caught up in a warzone while simply getting on with their lives?   Anyhow let me end by setting you a task –how about trying to win 2016 fair and square? You could win it I promise you, if you proved that you were better than the opposition waiting in the wings.

Better for Zambia I mean, not for PF, your family or your hangers on. You have 3 years to win back the belief of the majority Zambians whose only desire from a president is a better Zambia. You CAN win if you give us something to remember your presidency by – something other than the anarchy playing out before our eyes that is.

Ok enough now. As ever, I wish you the very best!

By Laura Miti