OP orders Widow to vacate Council Apartment in Chirundu

By Correspondent

A 33 years old Chirundu widow and a Mother of two children has complained of harassment from the Chirundu Special Branch (OP) after being ordered by the new boss to vacate the Council building apartment where she has been accommodated after the husband who was working for Immigration died.

Jude Mumba  Lungu  who was at the Chirundu  Police station on October 5, 2013 at around 22.00 hours in the company of the former Area Councilor Gift Chanda explained  that, when her  late husband died, she was told to vacate the Government house and she was given an alternative accommodation by the Government  because she was still waiting for the money for her  late husband.

“I am not a squatter, the Government accommodated me here as we are still waiting for the money” she explained. “But I am surprised by the behavior of the new OP Boss who has ordered me to vacate the apartment with a short notice.”

“I  am not against moving out of the apartment but what I am asking for is enough time so that, I can look for another accommodation and you know the Government hasn’t even paid us  up to now and how does she expect me to vacate just like this,” she explained. ”I am a Zambian and my late father Mr.Lungu was also working for the OP just here in Chirundu and I feel harassed by this new OP boss and am appealing to the office of the DC, the Human rights and even to the Republican President Mr. Michael Chilufya Sata to intervene into this matter.”

She said, the OP Boss followed her at the market where she  sells some merchandise in the company of five OP Officers and got the keys and ordered  her  to go and remove the  belongings from the Apartment.

Mrs. Lungu explained that the OP boss who is a Woman even ordered the Police to use force against her, a situation she says was unfortunate.

“We are about 10 occupants in that building and why she is so hard on me is what I don’t know,” she complained.

And several Chirundu residents have condemned the move by the OP Boss to evict the Widow from the Council Apartment.

On Monday, October 6, 2013 members from ruling Patriotic Front (PF) and MMD met to discuss the way forward. When contacted, Chirundu District Commissioner Maxwel Shamalimba promised to settle the matter when he gets back from Lusaka.

Later on Monday the Chirundu Council Secretary wrote to the OP district Boss to stop interfering in the running of the building as it belongs to the Council.

Investigations by Zambian Eye has revealed that the building in question was initially supposed to be bought by former Zambia Intelligence Security Services Director General Xavier Chungu hence the guts by District OP Boss wanting to take over the running. But Chungu never paid anything and the Building still remains the property of the Council.