OP has infiltrated HH, UPND says Sata

President Michael Sata says it is state intelligence that has infiltrated Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND.

Reacting to claims by Hichilema that the intelligence system, including some of the relatives of the head of state are working with the UPND, President Sata said in a statement issued by his personal assistant for press and public relations George Chellah that it was not an easy undertaking to infiltrate an opposition political leader.

“In fact, those officers who are working with Mr. Hichilema and the UPND deserve to be commended because it’s not an easy undertaking to infiltrate an opposition political leader and later on start functioning with him,” he said.

“Having spent 10 years in opposition myself, I know what I am talking about. These revelations from him confirm that my intelligence officers are working very hard and we can even deploy some more to collaborate with him if he so desires.”

President Sata reminded Hichilema that it was the job of the intelligence officers to collect, correlate and evaluate information in order to ensure that the government is always kept on track through working with people like him.

“Actually, it’s because of this same good working relationship he has with our intelligence and my relatives which makes the PF government to always be ahead of him,” said President Sata. “I thank Mr. Hichilema for publicly recognising the efforts being made by our intelligence service to serve this government and country better as prescribed in our laws.”

Hichilema on Tuesday claimed that his party was working with the intelligence system, including some of the relatives of the head of state.

He was reacting to President Sata’s observation that he abandoned late information and broadcasting minister Kennedy Sakeni’s funeral and went to celebrate his party’s victory in the Kafulafuta by-election.

He explained that he sent UPND Mazabuka Central member of parliament Garry Nkombo to represent him and the party at Sakeni’s funeral.

“The real issue here is that President Sata has lost popularity and this is evident everywhere you go in this country. This is because he fails to make correct judgment on national matters,” he said.

Hichilema claimed that the state intelligence was withholding information from President Sata because it was working with the opposition.

“If his intelligence was working properly, they would have told him that I travelled to Kafulafuta before the death of honourable Sakeni.

I have been out of town. He should have known that if his intelligence system is working, but the problem is that the same intelligence he relies on is on our side. Among his relations, there are people who are working with us and even if he changed the entire system, we will still have people working with us,” said Hichilema.

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