Oops, Judge Musonda also gets injunction against Chikopo’s tribunal

Retired Supreme Court Judge Phillip Musonda has made an application in the Lusaka High Court for leave to apply for judicial review to refrain the Judge Chikopa Tribunal from proceeding to investigate him for alleged professional misconduct.
Judge Musonda’s defense lawyers say their client cannot appear before the tribunal because he has resigned from judicial service. Judge Musonda also wants the Lusaka High Court to stay any preliminary decisions made by the tribunal against him
Musonda resigned as Supreme Court judge when he was about to be probed by the Judge LovemoreChikopa Tribunal for alleged professional misconduct.
He was to be investigated together with two High Court judges, Nigel Mutuna and Charles Kajimanga concerning the same.
Dr Justice Musonda has challenged the decision of the tribunal to proceed with the hearing against him saying there was no need for such as he has ceased from being a judicial officer.