Observations: The Violence in PF needs serious leadership

Barbrah Musamba Chama Mumba

Barbrah Musamba Chama Mumba

By Barbrah Musamba Chama Mumba

The recent infighting that has erupted in the rank and file of the ruling political party, the Patriotic Front (PF), if left unchecked could spiral to uncontrollable levels.

The reported pitching up against each other resulting in a loss of one life while leaving many injured was unfortunate and should be condemned by all well-meaning Zambians.

This violence is not only unbecoming but also a good sign that the rule of law has degenerated under the PF that is why, there is need for firm and decisive action from His Excellency Michael Chilufya Sata (HEMCS) as leader of the PF and President of the country.

According to insiders, the genesis of this was the panic for power transition by some selfish individuals when the president had collapsed at state house early this year and that the Defence and Finance ministers although their intentions could not be ascertained at that time immediately took precautionary measures to keep away the cartel of Fred Mmembe and cohorts from assuming power in the event that the president had not recovered.

It is believed that the cartel had started scheming for an acting president so that they could have a grip on power once a puppet had been installed to foster their long term ambition of long business life on the soils of Zambia.

Incensed by this the minister responsible for Defence and other senior PF officials mounted on a 2016 endorsement campaign for President Michael Sata so that they could expose those that harbour the ambition of usurping the current leadership or outdoing others who have ambitions of succeeding Sata when he leaves office or if any other eventuality happened that could render him unfit to continue with his job.

This has exposed that there are two dominant camps in the PF. One camp initially did not endorse the early campaigning for Sata’s 2016 re-election bid. The two PF camps are those of Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba, popularly known as GBM, and the other being that of Justice Minister Wynter

The GBM camp had started the endorsement campaign but was resisted by the Kabimba camp by stating that it was too early for such. This has aroused party members to assert that Kabimba had ulterior motives and that he is being used as a pawn by the cartel that wants to take control of the arms of government.

These camps have their own grass root supporters who are hired to quell and subdue each other for supremacy. It is no wonder that the PF secretariat is a no go area for party secretary general Kabimba.
One camp is supported by the cartel of individuals mentioned above. I will do a brief recap on the formation of the PF.

The PF was not formed for ideological reasons but was as a result of bitterness that Sata was not elected by the former ruling party the MMD as their presidential candidate for the 2001 presidential elections.

During the course of the PF existence it has attracted some individuals that fell out favour with the former ruling party. This resulted in the sole purpose of removing the MMD from power at all cost either by hook or crook.

As a result the PF is a party that is deeply divided that has been hijacked by those that bitterly hated the previous regime for personal and business reasons. There is a marriage of convenience to foster and protect businesses of a certain people.

There are individuals that insulted Sata day in day out during the reign of the late President Levy Mwanawasa. When Mwanawasa died they hoped to usher in another person as their stooge but the scheme vehemently failed to materialise hence the marriage of convenience with Sata.

It is this cartel that is fanning problems to the PF as they prefer their own people to take charge of the country’s affairs. Fortunately, some senior PF officials have seen this scheme and do not want to be part of these arrogant and selfish individuals that do not have the country’s interest at heart but only for their greed for wealth and egos to have power in their pockets so that they can call the shorts whenever they want to.

It is this group of individuals that are trying to set the agenda for the country to suit their desires which has caused deep divisions such that behind the scenes machinations to patch up differences are a futility and are not working.

These camps’ wounds are so deep that they have reached the grass roots and cannot be glossed up by behind the scenes patch ups.

Politics is a game of perception such that the more the president seems moribund the deeper and the farther the scourge will go.

The president needs to disassociate himself away from the cartel as his contract is with the people of Zambia and not a few individuals that are holding him at ransom. The presidency has got no time for long standing sentimental friendships.

It is my humble reminder to the president that the 1.1million people that voted for you had the belief that you were a disciplinarian that would bring about sanity into governance and that you were an action oriented man who should live up to the people’s expectations prior to the 2011 elections. These voters never voted for the cartel and it is to the voters that you are accountable to.

Thus, accountability to voters at this point means a lot because the same means by which you became president could be used against you should this infighting continue in the ruling party to the dismay of the Zambian people. To avoid further losing popularity and in the interest that the country remains peaceful as you found it, my appeal is that you take this issue as a matter of urgency and create transparent ways of controlling it because it is the Zambian people that will suffer the long term consequences that could result from violent behaviour.

For instance, the Zambia Police should be allowed to carry out its duties professionally without political interference. Their operations are being hampered by politicians such that there is selective policing which if left unchecked could breed chaos into the country.