Nyalugwe wants village scouts on ZAWA payroll

CHIEF Nyalugwe of the Nsenga people in Nyimba has appealed to Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) to put village scouts on its payroll.

In an interview, chief Nyalugwe said the village scouts should not be paid through Community Resource Boards (CRBs) as the case was currently.

He said the money going to CRBs was meant for community projects and not for paying village scouts.

“Let ZAWA take these village scouts on board so that they become part and parcel of ZAWA. Ever since the village scouts have been employed to enforce the ZAWA management law enforcement on the ground in our various game management areas, ZAWA has been reluctant to pay them. Village scouts get peanuts,” chief Nyalugwe said.

He said that tourism minister Sylvia Masebo had clearly stated that the 35 per cent which ZAWA gives to CRBs would go back to the local communities for their local development projects.