NUPSW hails govt for ‘liberating’ casual workers

THE National Union of Public Service Workers (NUPSW) has assured its members that they are part of the workforce that will be getting a monthly salary of not less than KR2,900.

Responding to members across the country who had expressed concern that perhaps their union did not represent them during negotiations with the government, secretary general John Kambole said his team had negotiated successfully.

“NUPSW and CSAWUZ Civil Servants and Allied Workers Union of Zambia negotiate together as a team; among the two unions there is no one allowed to negotiate for the other. Therefore, NUPSW prepares its own demand paper and CSAWUZ also does the same. We speak through one spokesperson who is the CSAWUZ president or in his absence the NUPSW president,” Kambole said.

“After the negotiations are concluded, the government prepares two different collective agreements, one for classified employees and NUPSW signs for its members.