No toilets at Choma market, traders resort to nearby homes

Kalukungu market in Choma district in the southern province has been operating without public toilets since it was established.

PF Sikalundu ward Vice Chairman Andrew Somili says due to lack of toilets, traders have resorted to nearby homes and bars to relieve themselves. He sold Sky FM news that incomplete structures within the market have served as a makeshift toilet owing to the stench of urine emanating from the structures.

The PF official explained that the market is not only  a source of livelihood for many families in Choma but also a source of revenue for the local authority.

Somili said the construction of the ablution block at the market has been characterised by unnecessary delays arising  from alleged abuse of building materials. He has the urged the people tasked with the construction of the public toilets at Kalukungu market to prudently complete the project adding that it is unhealthy for a market to operate without an ablution for a long time.