No single employee will lose their job at KCM-Shamenda

Labour and Social Security Minister Fackson Shamenda has urged KCM to stop retrenching workers and that it should explore other tangible solutions to overcome its challenges.
This follows recent pronouncements by KCM to retrench 2,000 workers from the current 8,263 workforce citing downward trend in copper prices in the last one year, a move that Government opposed.
Mr Shamenda was speaking in Lusaka yesterday when he toured the newly constructed KR3.5 million training centre for the Zambia Union of Financial and Allied Workers (ZUFIAW) located in Olympia Township.
“Even the Bible puts it clear that people need work to live. So, the issue of retrenching workers at KCM and other firms should not always be resorted to because there are other measures to employ to preserve their challenges.
“I want to assure Zambians that no single employee will lose their job at KCM because if these workers are retrenched, it means Government will also lose the needed revenue,” he said.