No policy…PF has continued MMD route, Dr Beyani tells Sichinga during a heated debate

Opposition UPND says economic and social problems have continued in Zambia because there has been no holistic policy change despite change of government.
Debating with Agriculture Minister Bob Sichinga and experts from other organization on a live ZNBC Forum programme Wednesday night, Dr Cholwe Bayeni who represented UPND said the PF has mere continued with the MMD policies.
Dr. Beyani explained that there has been no systematic holistic tactful policy change but a mere continuation of the same policies left by MMD.
“There has been no policy change but a mere continuation of old policies left by MMD,” said Dr Beyani in a heated debate with Sichinga.
The moderator Franlin Tembo Jr. was at pain to control the programme as the two politicians several times injected each other.
Dr. Beyani stated that President Michael Sata and his PF were not prepared to governor. He explained that in the run-up to the elections during debates the PF could not even elaborate on how they would implement their promises.
“There is no clarity and we told them but they said we shall do it,” Dr. Beyani said as Sichinga tried to inject.
Sichinga responded saying Dr. Beyani had no experience.
“You have no experience,” Sichinga told Dr. Beyani and he responded, “And do you have experience?”
Sichinga answered, “yes I seat in cabinet.”
Dr. Beyani, “six months, you are saying you have experience.
Sichinga told Dr Beyani that he and others cannot do anything because they are not in government. He said all they can do is to make suggestions.
Sichinga who has just been moved to Agriculture from Commerce Ministry explained that his government was in course with its promises it made to the Zambians during the run-up to 2011 elections.
He said the government was planning and had also started implementing some of its promises. He was however taken to task as other panelists, people from the audience and clips from the field showed a deplorable situation on health, education and unemployment.
The moderator told Sichinga that the people want jobs that they were promised now while a representative from JTCR said there was nothing on the ground to support the Minister’s job creation claims.
Reacting to someone from the audience who said the PF is being let down by the civil servants as stated by Vice president Guy Scott recently, Dr. Beyani disagreed. He said the civil servant cannot implement the PF manifestos as it is being suggested by PF leaders.
Dr. Beyani explained that the PF government needed to develop government policies approved by cabinet as that is the only way the civil servant will implement what they want not otherwise.
The programme discussed Injustices in Education, Health and Employment.