No opposition leader will be officially invited to Nc’wala – Zulu

NO opposition political leader will be officially invited to this year’s Nc’wala ceremony, says Paramount Chief Mpezeni’s induna George Zulu.

Giving an update on the preparations of the event which is scheduled for February 23 in Chipata, Zulu, who is also energy permanent secretary, said politics would not be allowed at this year’s ceremony.

“We will not invite opposition political leaders officially but if they want to come, they are free to do so like any other ordinary person,” he said yesterday. “There will be only one guest of honour and that is the President of the Republic of Zambia. The rest will come as any other ordinary person. We do not want politics at this year’s ceremony.”

Zulu said no political regalia or political sloganeering would be allowed at the event.

“The only dress that will be recognised is that of the Ngoni people,” he added. “Meanwhile, the President of the Republic of Zambia has also been requested to invite other heads of state to the event.