No issues to tell Kapiri voters, Scott goes tribal

Vice President Guy Scot  instead of telling the people of Kapiri Mposhi what the PF government will do for the constituency decided to go tribal by claiming that the UPND was a regional party.

Dr. Scott who is in Kapiri Mposhi campaigning for the PF candidate Eddie Musonda in the April 23 Kapiri Mposhi Constituency by-election told voters not to vote for the UPND. He claimed the UPND would divide the country once entrusted with power.

But the PF has formed one of the most nepotistic and regional government ever since Independence in 1964, according to Political commentators.

The PF government comprises of members from Northern part of the country where the President hails from. The senior Ministerial, Permanent Secretaries and Diplomatic positions have been occupied by relations, tribal mates and friends.

The Minister of Finance Alexander Chikwander who act as President who is normally entrusted with the presidency and currently being prepared to take over is the Uncle to President Michael Sata. Miles Sampa the Deputy Minister at Finance is a nephew to the President. At Agriculture, the Minister Bob Schinga his son is married to President Sata’s daughter, Defense Minister Geophrey Mwamba is another relation and the list goes on.

While in opposition Sata accused then president Levy Mwanawasa of having formed a family tree government. President Sata’s Administration is worse and has been described as Forest government by The Post Newspaper, a pro-PF private Newspaper.

So one wonders with this kind of government the PF will go and try to cheat the people of Kapiri Mposhi on tribal when the records are there for anyone to see of what is currently prevailing.

Scott made the tribal campaigns when he addressed a rally  at Chankomo Basic School in Kapiri Mposhi on Saturday.

The Kapiri Mposhi seat fell vacant after the Supreme Court’s nullification of the election of MMD’s Lawrence Zimba  as Member of Parliament. He has since joined UPND and is re-contesting the seat. The MMD has boycott the by-election and is backing the UPND while UNIP is fielding Francis Mwape.