No employment, Scott now tells youths to take up Pastorial jobs

Vice president Scott

Vice president Scott

Having failed to deliver the jobs promised to youths during election campaigns, Zambia’s Vice president Guy Scott on Sunday told the youths in the country to consider taking up pastoral jobs.

Scott has urged Youths in the country not to just focus on formal jobs his government is supposed to create as promised but instead to take up jobs from the church. He said he was disappointed that most youths were not interested to become clergymen and only wanted the formal jobs.

The Vice-President said this at a graduation ceremony for Pastors at the International Bible College of Zambia. He said the young people should consider pastoral work as a way of serving the country in a different capacity.

The PF was elected on a promise that they would create jobs, lower taxes and put more money in people’s pockets within 90 days after forming government. This wooed the majority of Zambians who mostly unemployed to vote for the PF.

But with a year now gone there is little if any to point to on the promises made. The unemployment statistics still high and the poverty levels remain high with over 60 percent of the population living on one US dollar per day.