Nkrumah students prepare to join demos, booe DC

Tension is high at Nkrumah University in Kabwe as students plan to join their colleagues in other universities to protest against  the  removal of food and fuel subsidies.
Kabwe District Commissioner for Kabwe Patrick Chishala has been trying to firefight and convince students against protesting.
Chishala had asked university management to assemble students in the College hall at 10.00 so that he could address them. But by 12.30 students were still waiting for the arrival of the D.C.
The DC could not proceed to the college hall as he feared to be lynched as students who stood along the main road showed him the middle finger and  openly booed at his motoracade.
Around 13:30, managed to meet students who angrily reacted to government’s decsision to remove maize and fuel subsidy, saying the move will make the poor poorer and rich richer.