Nigerian oil deal a hoax -Kachingwe

“The Nigerian Oil deal is a hoax and the Zambian government has not lost any money,” State witness Major Richard Kachingwe has said.

In his continued testimony Maj. Kachingwe told Lusaka Chief resident magistrate Joshua Banda that no money was paid to the Nigerian National Producing Corporation (NNPC) to the tune of US$2.5 million as alleged in the charge against Former President Rupiah Banda in the oil deal.

When reminded that Former President Rupiah Banda had his immunity removed by parliament because of the Nigerian Oil Deal and the US$2.5 million paid, Major Kachingwe said that there was no such amounts of money paid and government did not lose out at all.

“There was no money remitted through Bank of Zambia to pay for oil, there was no money originated from government to pay for the oil. The money was paid by Sub Energy Company. The money is not Zambian government money,” he said.