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Dear Zambian Eye Readers,

Did you know that people who protect their assets live on average 10 years more, are happier and more successful? Read on to know why…..

José Santiago  Worldwide Asset Protection Specialist

José Santiago
Worldwide Asset Protection Specialist

My name is José Santiago and I am delighted to be part of Zambian Eye Online News Publication where I will be authoring a column titled “Wealth Watch” column.

I will be exchanging ideas with you regarding your wealth, how to create it in the first place, how to grow it but more importantly how to protect whatever you have accumulated for your benefit and for the benefit of your family.

This column is designed to be iterative, questions and answers, light but expect it to challenge the common belief “we are fine” (basically we do not need to do anything). You are free to ask questions, no matter how simple or complicated it might look.

We will cover areas like financial planning, insurance (personal and business), strategic planning, education planning, retirement planning, savings, succession planning, banking, wealth creation strategies, wealth protection strategies, wealth protection risks, pensions, amongst other areas related to your wealth.

This column wants to help you answer amongst the following questions:

  • If I stop working today, for whatever reason, can I survive on my means for 20 years, keeping my current standard of living?
  • If my child comes to me today and say, “I want to go to US or UK for my studies”, can I say, yes son I pay for it?
  • I have built this business over the years with hard work and I know who will succeed me on running it?
  • I have a system in place to guarantee that my children will be protected should a fatality happen?
  • Am I wealthy? Why not? What is stopping me? Why can’t I come off my debt?
  • Is the breadwinner in your family protected? If not? Why not? What can you do to change it?
  • What are risks to my assets?
  • How am I in terms of wealth creation?
  • Any financial or wealth question which is bothering you.

Who is José Santiago?

So, let me give you a bit of background of myself. I am an African, tri-lingual, multi-nationally educated with more than 20 years in financial services industry with over 15 as a financial adviser.

Although I am based in Dubai, my clientele spans the globe. I specialise in services to High Networth Individuals and SME owners where I advise them on a diverse range of financial solutions including pensions, strategic and estate planning, succession planning, tax strategies, capital adequacy, family risk planning, life insurance, education and retirement planning, corporate strategic planning, corporate schemes and beyond.

I also specialise in providing pro-active balance sheet management to clients. I hold extensive qualifications (beyond academic) in pensions, financial planning and wealth management including CF1 & CF6, ICWM, CeMAP and ACSI.

I help people acquire financial freedom by creating and growing their wealth, protecting and maximising their return taking into account their risk profile, aims and objectives, experience and age. In summary I help people create and preserve their wealth. Outside work I enjoy football, badminton, cinema, photography and traveling.

You might have been in contact with many people who say they do what we do, so the question you are asking is: are we the best one out there? Are we worldwide renowned experts in our field?

For this we simply say if you believe in what we believe in and if you have the same values we have and if you have the same ethics we have then we are definitely the best. However, if you believe in different things to us, if your ethics are different or if you have different values to ours then we might not be the best one.

Don’t just listen to what Isay; look at what people are saying about me:

“José, is a guy who managed to widen my perspective, with detail orientation and great commitment has transformed my way of working and added value throughout.” Abdulla Bin Touq – Director of Infrastructure & Environmental AffairsPrime Minister’s Office – UAE

“…José is diligent, extremely courteous and professional and also very pleasant to deal with. I have worked with other financial advisers over the years and José’s performance by far the most committed and reliable financial advisor I have worked with.

In terms of advice, José has been providing me with sound advice taking into consideration my preferences, needs and future plans. He inspires confidence and takes off my shoulders the burden of worrying about my investments. He always goes the extra mile and does so proactively. With José I feel reassured about where my investments are heading.” Nayiri Boghossian, Partner at Eversheds LLP

“I have known José for about 3 years now and in that time he has consistently gone out of his way to provide me with excellent service and advice.

Of key importance to me when using a Financial Adviser, is having someone you both trust and who is reliable to complete agreed activities, in a very professional and timely manner. As I have recently returned to the UK from working overseas, this is even more relevant.

Thank you José, for excellent service and advice and look forward to working with you in the years ahead.” David Gasser, Ericsson Services Sales Manager

If so, let’s have a chat over a coffee so then you can learn more about the way we protect other people’s assets. You are one phone call away….

So, looking into it more closely, why we are so passionate about it? Because we believe that you highly value your assets and worked very hard to get it to the point where you are now.

We also believe we are the best in town in terms of providing customer experience, an experience which will change your life, change your perspectives about your wealth, experience which will give you unique tools for the future with your assets well protected.

This is the first of a series of articles on this subject and if you feel compelled do something today to protect your wealth. Be part of the caravan by: reading, asking,questioning, commenting, sharing, forwarding, disagreeing, and telling us your opinion and many more.

You can do this by writing to the editor via email: