Nevers survives PF attack

Patriotic Front thugs and vigilantes yesterday went on rampage beating up Journalists and MMD cadres without police intervention.

The PF vigilantes were unhappy that Dr Nevers Mumba was enroute to visit Kanyama and decided to capture and hold captive the advance team which included die hard youth leaders Bowman Lusambo and Scorpion Kadobi at Soweto market.

The duo have since obtained a police medical report and vowed to pursue the thugs that beat them up.

Lusambo who was forced to issue a statement supporting the removal of subsidies said “I did this to save myself because there was a gun and machetes as I spoke. They could have chopped off my head”

Mr Lusambo said he was assaulted by PF vigilantes lead by Kennedy Kamba who caught up with the opposition youth leader and pounced on him with all sorts of weapons including a gun and machetes.