Nevers storms office of Easern Police Commissioner, demands arrest of PF cadres

MMD President Nevers Mumba on Wednesday July 24,2013 stormed the office of Eastern Province Police Commissioner Grace Chipalila where he accused police of failing to arrest a named PF cadre who he claimed fired live bullets at an MMD rally in Mchini compound .

Dr Mumba has further accused the Zambia Police in Eastern Province of siding with the ruling PF when enforcing the Law.

Dr Mumba said the MMD would institute a citizen’s arrest on the named PF cadre if the police fails to do so.

The MMD President further claimed that the police released the released the PF cadre on Tuesday although there is sufficient evidence that the he was at fault.

He claimed that tomorrow’s by-election in Chipata Central Constituency would not be free and fair if the PF cadres were let loose.

Dr. Mumba has also asked Police Commissioner to resign if the police failed to arrest the named cadre who was behind a spate of violence in the run up to the polls.

He has since vowed he would not rest until those perpetrating violence were arrested.
And Chipalila said police were doing everything possible in their investigations and appealed to the MMD leader and his people to be calm.

Earlier, Dr Mumba said he inspected a house belonging to Kanjala ward councilor, Jealous Phiri, whose window panes were smashed by unknown people around 01 hours on Wednesday.

But Eastern Division Police Commissioner Grace Chipalila said the police had launched investigations into the matter where the MMD and the PF clashed during their campaigns on Tuesday.

Chipalila said the police were also investigating the matter in which the MMD councilor reported that he was attacked at his house in the early hours of Wednesday.

She told the MMD President and the other officials to give the law enforcers time to carry out the investigations.

Meanwhile, PF Eastern Province chairperson Mike Tembo refuted the allegations that the PF was behind the violence in the constituency ahead of tomorrow’s by-election.

Tembo said the ruling party had continued to preach peace during its campaigns saying they had no reason to perpetrate violence as they were certain that their candidate Lameck Mangani will win the polls tomorrow.

Tembo said his party was not involved in violent activities,adding that the PF cadres were campaigning peacefully.