Nevers says will not quit politics

NEVERS Mumba says he will not quit politics.

And Mumba (right) says it is ridiculous for home affairs minister Edgar Lungu to threaten to use the law to drive the MMD into total extinction.

Mumba on Sunday reflected on his pastoral ministry when he preached at Victory Ministries Bible Church in Kitwe and vowed that he would not quit politics.

In his sermon, Mumba said he left the comfort of the church to fight for the economic liberation of Zambia.

He said it was disappointing today that the Church was not coming out strongly to condemn and take a serious position on the evils that were being perpetrated by those holding power.

“The situation now in our country is that instead of the church speaking, it’s the Law Association of Zambia speaking. Instead of the Church coming out strongly on the injustice in this country, it’s now left to a small organisation called YALI. We need to change, to stand up for the people,” Mumba said.