Nevers quizzes Dora

MMD PRESIDENT Nevers Mumba says he has been talking to Dora Siliya over her being linked to UPND.

In an interview yesterday, Mumba, who was responding to revelations by sources that UPND wanted Siliya and Maxwell Mwale to stand on the party ticket in Petauke Central and Malambo respectively, said he was aware that some of his influential members were being approached by UPND with a view to defect.

“It is true that our members are preparing now for the elections. We know that honourable Mwale has been approached to see whether he could stand on UPND ticket. I have been talking to Dora Siliya, she says she is not aware of that. So I cannot speak on their behalf, they have to speak for themselves,” he said.

Mumba said the poaching by UPND was an ‘issue’ that he was already dealing with as party president and would soon issue a statement on the matter.

“That is another issue that we are dealing with. I will come out on that subject at some stage soon,” he said.