Never shed blood again!


World War Veterans

World War Veterans

President Michael Sata Sunday morning led Service Chiefs and foreign dignitaries in laying wreaths for fallen heroes that fought in the first and second world wars.

The Remembrance Day which falls on the 10th of November is commemorated worldwide every year.

Speaking during the ceremony at the cenotaph, Zambia National Service Head of the Chaplains Henry Matifeyo has reiterated the need for society to never shed blood again as was done in the world wars.

Lieutenant Colonel Matifeyo says the first and the second world wars spelt enough blood that people in the world should strive for peace and dialogue over issues affecting humanity.

Lieutenant Colonel Matifeyo also notes that as Zambia enters the year of jubilee and as it remembers the fallen heroes that fought in the world wars, the nation should pray for relief from death that the land of Zambia will rest from any forms of colonialism which does not benefit the people.

And after laying a wreath on Late Mwanawasa’s grave, President Sata further went on to lay wreaths on the late Dr. Chiluba’s tombstone. QFM