Ndola Vendors Choke Shop Corridors

NDOLA shop corridors have now become an extension of shops as they are clogged with vendors of shoes, salaula and food stuffs.

There is barely any place to step on as all the space has been taken up by scores of vendors who operate on corridors at Barclays, Zambia National Building Society(ZNBS), Zamtel, Zampost and along the area linking Shoprite.

But despite that, the vendors have brought stiff competition from established shops whose prices are higher than those by vendors who have also introduced ‘back to School’ discounts.

Pick ‘n’ Pay in Ndola should always check the standard of products sold there because most of them are nearing expiry date.

This has been going on for along time without the council health department taking it seriously.

This is disturbing especially that reports have been forwarded to the department on numerous times.

Source : The Times of Zambia

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