Nawakwi Calls Defecting MPs Monkeys

Opposition Forum for Democracy and Development President Edith Nawakwi has likened Members of Parliament who are defecting to the ruling party to monkeys.

And Nawakwi said the PF had lied to the Zambian people on the removal of subsidies as they never laid it during the presentation of the budget.

Featuring on 5fms’ Burning Issue Programme this morning, Nawakwi said the K6 billion allocated to ministers to go and justify subsidies across the country could transform lives in the poor communities.

“If government told these MPs that resign that we are not going to adopt you once you resign these people will not have been jumping from one party to another like monkeys in a fruit tree,” she said.

“This money could be used to change lives in the poor communities.”

Nawakwi said the PF had not been clear on where the money for the removal of subsidies was going to go.

“We are not being told the real intention of removing subsidies.