Nasilele warns leaders influencing Kalomo residents to frustrate govt

CHAIRPERSON of the Kalomo Malaria Task Force Foster Nasilele says his committee will not condone community leaders who influence locals to frustrate government programmes aimed at improving their welfare.

Nasilele observed that it was saddening that community leaders were persuading people to frustrate government interventions.

He was reacting to a report where the entire Simwatachela community refused to have their houses sprayed during an Indoor Residue Spraying exercise to eradicate mosquitoes after being influenced by a named community leader.

The IRS team had to pack their kits after being threatened by the locals who claimed that most of their children were not engaged in the exercise.

“We shall not tolerate that kind of behaviour which has a high potential to frustrate such interventions which are meant to improve their wellbeing, and we have enough laws to bring sanity to Kalomo because other people might borrow such behaviour,” said Nasilele.